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The Shrink Wrap Effect

For The Muscle Definition Of Major Hollywood Stars

shrink wrap muscles

I keep hearing the term “Shrink Wrap Muscles” these days.  This is a description used to describe the sharp, sculptural physiques of Hollywood celebrities such as Daniel Craig.  So what are these celebs doing that a large percentage of dedicated gym goers aren’t? How come they are so ripped, muscular and lean and how can we achieve the same results? Maybe we now have the answer: Visual Impact Muscle Building…

This is fitness “guru” Rusty Moore’s product:

Visual Impact Muscle Building*

Who is Rusty Moore? He is a popular expert on fat loss, muscle gain, strength training and much more besides. The owner of Fitness Black Book, he tells it how it is.

I am always wary of plugging a fitness “guru’s” product, unless I have tested it out myself or on my clients. But my findings show that the program is actually based on sound principles that many gym users fail time and again to implement.

You see them in every gym, pumping away with free weights and on fitness machines, but without a plan behind their industry, they usually fail in their mission to possess the “shrink wrapped” lean muscles that are admired by many celebrity fans.

Instead, this product aims to get us thinking in a more strategic way, with easy to follow techniques to look 2-3 times better than that “meat head” who might be as strong as an ox, but whose muscles have that undesirable “puffy” look, rather than the sharp, angular look we all want. Another reason we may want to avoid the “biceps as big as your thighs” approach is that the sheer weight can restrict range of motion – not good in a game of squash for instance!

Check out this guy: I’m getting similar results with my personal training clients who want to lean up and look sharp:

Visual Impact Muscle Building Workout

*There is now a version of Rusty’s product just for women who don’t want to beef up, but want to look feminine and sexy – like Bond girls or swimwear models.  In Rusty’s words, the course focuses more on a traditional fit and feminine physique with just a “hint” of definition (think Jessica Alba). —–> VISUAL IMPACT FOR WOMEN

Back to the guys: take these celebrities for instance:

All of these celebrities have the “GQ” bodies – well defined muscles and size without looking too huge and bulky.

Robert Downey Jr – The actor famous for his roles in movies such as “Iron Man”, “Iron Man 2”, and “Sherlock Holmes” stunned his fans with his ripped physique.  He actually used a cable machine called “The Vortex” for resistance training.

Taylor Lautner – The “Twilight” star had already won a black belt at the Junior World Karate Championships and was only 17 years old when he starred in “New Moon”.  This gave him a head start and he worked out using resistance bands and free weights to pack on lean muscle for his role.

Cast of the Movie “300” – They carried out the most intensive routines imaginable.  If you can imagine it they did it.  Free weights, body weight training, interval training, Kettlebell workouts…

Daniel Craig – The most recent James Bond star used a mix of free weight routines to get the definition needed for his frequent shirtless appearances in “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace”.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for many years and I have to keep up to date with the latest products, theories and courses that come out, most of them are rehashed versions of information that is already out there and aren’t worth the paper they are printed on (or the space on my hard drive).  But the good news is that this product is by Rusty Moore.  That’s reassuring for sure but let’s break it down and I will explain why.

  • Firstly, it’s a Clickbank product.  This means you have an iron clad 60 day guarantee that if it doesn’t work for you, you can return it for a full refund.  It takes the pressure off as you can try out the methods and actually give them enough of a chance to work for you.
  • If you want the kind of huge bulky muscles that are hard to find the right size clothes for, then this isn’t for you.  This is geared towards achieving and keeping that lean, sculpted look that looks great in any lighting!
  • Initially, you will be using the principles of muscle hypertrophy to build muscle quickly, but it will be an all over effect.  The second phase is where you will harden your muscles, then finally you will build muscle density .  A bonus phase covers looking “Shrink Wrapped” for special events (or summer at the beach!)
  • The course has an initial focus on building muscle fast but it the right kind of lean, well distributed muscle mass. This is followed by a phase that focuses on hardening up the muscle and a third phase to build muscle density.
  • It is a solid strategy, easy to follow (he even includes a shopping list!) and it gets visible results from about 3 months, if you have a bit of fat to burn, then the full 6 month course is probably for you.
  • There is a guide outlining all the exercises you need to do complete with pictures to avoid any confusion. These exercises are really easy to find with the contents section.
  • I especially like the workout charts, as they really show you that with a little discipline, you can get the same results on your own as you would with a personal trainer.

Check out these free videos

visual impact muscle building

One thing I disagree on…

Rusty’s stance on whey protein.  He has his own tips and advice on supplements (his advice on creatine is gold!) and what to use after working out –  but I get really great results from following Ori Hofmeklers’ principles on using whey protein concentrate in the half hour after exercise and I will stick with it.  But it may work for you, it works for Rusty!

Visual Impact Muscle Building

  1. Will help you switch your way of thinking around – you will start lifting in a different way where you can get bigger mass.
  2. Flatten out your pecs so they look like a Spartan Warrior chestplate.
  3. If you feel a bit soft and rounded in the day, but get rock solid muscles at the gym (from the pump) the you will find out how to get the angular, firm look 24/7.
  4. Your muscles will grow and the fat will burn!
  5. If you already go to the gym, then you can easily take these methods on and watch how many others start to track your progress!

The course is well structured and easy to follow.  It is based around three core phases and you can adapt each method to suit your own needs. The workouts can be carried out on any piece of equipment you like or you can use free weights and resistance bands to mix it up, but the best results appear to be achieved with fitness equipment.

You could pay a lot more for just one session with a personal trainer, but here you have the entire program for up to six months, including dietary advice.

You will notice in the product image below that there are printable workout sheets.  You can take your session with you in your pocket, it’s all done for you!  Click the image and you can find out more.

visual impact muscle building

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