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For health and fitness information, plus lifestyle improvement tips.

Max VencatoI am Dr Massimo Vencato: Max for short.  Motivating Max is a melting pot of many aspects of life; from health and fitness, to weight loss and even advice on the best whey protein!  My life changed when I discovered that I was sensitive to gluten and now I am pursuing an even healthier lifestyle by eliminating the foods that upset me.  Although Motivating Max is geared towards creating a better life, some elimination may be suggested, but moderation and informed choices can be the key.

“A little of what you fancy does you good!”

In my work I mentor my clients to set and achieve their goals in many aspects of their lives, as all areas are interlinked – from health and fitness, to personal development. As a personal trainer and group exercise instructor based in Langley, Slough, Berkshire, I incorporate my training in sports psychology and nutrition, to motivate people to improve their quality of life.

I am constantly on the look out for updates in the world of nutrition, personal development, motivation… as I believe we can all have boundless energy with the right food choices.  Positive thinking can truly release us into a state of happiness and we can all enjoy a fulfilling life by tweaking areas of our belief systems that may be holding us back.

Why “Motivating Max“?  It is my mission to bring you the best advice to motivate you to take action.  To take the necessary steps in order to enable you to enjoy your life to the full.  It is as important to be stress free as it is to be a healthy weight for your frame.   To be happy in your relationships as it is to be happy in your work or life’s mission.

I strongly believe that you will draw to yourself what you think you deserve.  If you believe you are not worthy of a happy working life, a healthy body or fulfilling relationship for instance, then you will always fall short.  Turn this thinking around and the possibilities are endless!


Living in a healthy way.  Take the body for example.  It is no revelation to state that perhaps the media images of airbrushed ladies are an impossible benchmark by which many women compare themselves to.  Guys in pursuit of that 6 pack may be following nutrition plans that are not “all natural” and in turn become quite the opposite of a fit person.

I may recommend some products over others, but only after some extensive research and I like to try them out personally.

You don’t need to live on salad and water to be healthy, the key is to be the right weight for your build and notice the foods that you don’t tolerate as well as others.  You can get yourself tested for food intolerances quite easily, I go to John Taberman Pichler.  Food intolerances place stress on the body which leads to other factors (quite possibly a larger midriff due to the excess cortisol – I’ll go into this in more depth soon).

A tall willowy Swedish lady will obviously have a different genetic make up to the shorter and more rounded shape of a Nigerian lady.  So work with your shape, not against it.  Metabolic typing can be useful, this helps us to define whether we function better on protein, carbohydrates or a mixture of the two.  Personally I find I function much better if I weight my meals towards protein, so there could definitely be something in the theory of which I will review in due course.

Food intolerances are the bane of many people’s lives:

I’ll give you an example: someone may thrive on eating wheat based pasta the night before a gruelling trip to the gym, but they may have no sensitivity to wheat or gluten.  To someone who is sensitive (ie: me) then they may suffer bloating and a feeling of lethargy amongst other symptoms.

As for the realms of the mind; the goal to live well and be happy can be achieved by consistent effort.  There are no magic bullets and it takes time and hard work, but the results can be life changing in many great ways.

People don’t fail at reaching their goals, they simply give up before they achieve them.  It only takes one step at a time.

Stay tuned!