Mental Fitness


Mental Fitness and Personal Development

Mental Fitness is as important as physical fitness.  With the appropriate mindset you can gain control on all areas of your life, from de-cluttering your closet, to redesigning your entire life!

Mental fitness is both the reason and the result of personal development and the achievement of continued success.

It takes time to adjust from one way of being to another, but perseverance is the key.  You may liken it to climbing a mountain; it’s easy to stay at the bottom, skipping over the small stones on your path, but the steeper the incline, the most effort it takes to stay on track.  The stones turn into rocks, the rocks into boulders and before you know it, you are halfway up the mountain with no safety harness.

What do you do?  Do you continue on up to where the rewards are huge – the beautiful view of the landscape below, sitting above the clouds where the sun always shines?  Or do you take the easy path down to a restricted view and a sense of familiarity?

There is no right or wrong answer.  It simply is a question of effort and expectation.  Effort is the energy you give to the personal promise to yourself; whereas expectation is the desired outcome (that can often change as the journey develops).

Personal development never stops, it is a journey that doesn’t (and shouldn’t stop).  The thing is, (going back to our mountain climbing analogy) when you set off on your journey, you are a person with a mindset that is based on experiences that life has delivered to you and how you have reacted to them.

If you embark on a journey to better yourself and to find an enhanced way of being, then the journey itself will mould you as you make progress.  You might find that the view from the mountain top is too restricted, that you need to find a way to reach higher, to take flight and see the land at different angles, to find other climates, to experience different winds…

There is no limit to the possibilities once you set your sights on your target.  And the goal is the key.  Be unwavering on your mission and you can have literally anything you want.   This takes massive effort but it is always worth it.  To extend yourself and to be open to learning new ways of living will not be for everyone.  There will be people who decide that the journey’s hardship and sacrifice far outweighs what they believe awaits them at the mountain top, so they turn back to the place they know – their comfort zone.

But if you do continue upwards, there will be people around you that like you to stay the way you are, as it validates their position in life.  Say for instance you like your job and your colleagues, but you always wanted to be a pilot for a major airline.  The one job that you would leap out of bed for before your alarm goes off.

Your colleagues may not like your ambition as for them they unconsciously use you as a benchmark for their position in the company and in life itself.   So if you are striving to better yourself, then they may feel that in some way their lives are in some way lacking.  Often insecure people uncertain of change will invent ways to distract you, to keep you in your current place.  This is because it is easier to drag someone down, than to make the effort to make necessary adjustments in one’s persona to maintain a healthy relationship.

Therefore,­­­­ if you can identify the people that are negative in your life, you will do yourself a great service by distancing yourself from them.  Even family members!  There is a lot of truth in the old adage “birds of a feather fly together” – that is likeminded people are often drawn together.

Surround yourself with positive, affirming people and you will be less likely to be distracted in your personal development.

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