Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent FastingI have long believed that intermittent fasting is safe and effective if carried out correctly and if you follow the advice of Ori Hofmekler, you can rejuvenate your muscles OR make them bigger.

When followed by itself is shown to be a proven method that can assist the rejuvenation of your brain and your body.  Exercise takes it to a higher plane.

But intermittent fasting has its uses in the diet and weight loss world too.

The world is obsessed with weight loss and maintaining a youthful appearance.  But on researching many of the diet plans sold as the next best thing, they tend to be rewrites of the same principles with very few fundamental differences – packaged to appeal to different target marketing groups.

I have a leaning towards intermittent fasting as it works for me.  I have tried it myself and I feel good for it and my clients found that they too lost weight and felt healthier by eating according to some very simple guidelines.  If a diet is to produce the desired results, then it must fit in with the person’s lifestyle and have some form of pleasure associated with it.  Not least, it must be safe with proven nutritional back up with the reduction in weight gradual.  Lastly it must be easy to follow and implement.

But since everyone is different, I would recommend that you complete a metabolic typing test to go further in defining the more appropriate food for your body.  Combine this with intermittent fasting and interval training (high or variable intensity workout scheduling) then you might just achieve the results you seek to attain.

You can read the full article on intermittent fasting to build muscle or rejuvenate them by Ori Hofmekler, but in a nutshell Ori gives us three options to be carried out from morning to evening.  This includes a large evening meal that is eaten separately:

  • Fasting

Simply, no food is eaten during the daytime, only vegetable juice or water is drunk.  Exercise is taken with a recovery meal (whey protein for fast assimilation).  A main meal is eaten in the evening.

  • Undereating

A less extreme version of fasting, you can limit your food intake to low Glycemic Index foods  such as vegetables, poached or boiled eggs, some fruits (low fructose ones for best effect) and my best tip – whey protein.  Eat a small amount every 4-6 hours throughout the day. Wait 30 minutes after your last small meal and do your exercise, have a recovery meal straight afterwards and have a main meal in the evening.

Undereating is less extreme than fasting and it is shown to be your most viable strategy for rejuvenating your brain and muscles.

  • Pulse feeding

Pulse feeding is the type of fasting that is generally taken up by athletes, comprising of a number of frequent meals of whey protein concentrate.  Wait 30 minutes after your last small whey protein meal and do your exercise, have a recovery meal straight afterwards and have a main meal in the evening.

On Whey Protein

Try to buy whey protein concentrate derived from the raw milk of grass fed cows, without any sugar or artificial sweeteners added.  Ori Hofmekler developed such a product sweetened only with natural stevia with Swanson Vitamins.  For further essential information as to why this is important please refer to this article: Whey Protein.

The Importance Of Exercise

If you add some short intense exercise, this generates new muscle fibres by switching on the mechanism that recycles muscle satellite cells.  Exercise is very powerful combined with fasting as the as it is found that the small meals promote the regeneration of old and damaged proteins; hence the rejuvenation effect.

Recovery Meals

In general, make your recovery meals 1-2 whey protein meals after working out.  Intermittent fasting when carried out by itself is shown to be a proven strategy that can aid the negation of physical and cognitive aging. When you add exercise to the mix it helps to take the rejuvenative impact of this procedure to a higher level.

Muscles are at their most receptive towards recovery and growth two hours after exercise.  If you feed yourself a high quality whey protein within a 30 minute window of opportunity immediately after exercise, you will have time to digest and feed the muscles within their relatively tight timeframe.  Other forms of protein simply take too long to digest and you may risk damage or wasting to your muscles.

Eat Stop Eat

There is a method of weight loss that uses short term fasting (one day per week) and weight training.  Designed by Brad Pilon, a research scientist with a background in nutrition.  It is an interesting concept as the deficit in calories needed to lose weight are calculated per week rather than the ususal per day, making it more convenient for busy people.

Brad realised that people can falter when a daily diet plan is to be followed regardless of the type of day they face, so a full on work day might tempt people to reach for unhealthy fast food to get them through, but if you do all your fasting on a quiet day, eg. Sunday, then the calories are still cut, but the impact on life is reduced.

So instead of reducing the calories each day, the idea is to eat normally, then fast on one day per week.

The plan is suitable for both men and women and there are options to increase fasts from one to two days per week for faster results.  Once the body is used to the routine, exercise should be incorporated in the form of resistance training to maintain muscle mass which help to use up calories.

Brad reveals that “starvation” mode does not kick in, so there should not be a change in metabolism.  Intermittent fasting is a tried and tested method with many variations, for the Eat Stop Eat method you can find out more on this plan by visiting Eat Stop Eat

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