Insomnia Treatment – Tackle the Root Causes

Do you ever lie awake in bed…?

Glancing at the clock, getting more and more alarmed as the minutes tick by, yet still no sign of the Sandman? But do you then sleep soundly during the following night as peacefully as a baby?

If so, chances are you don’t really have a problem with insomnia. But if chronic wakefulness is becoming a problem and night after night you find yourself tossing and turning with no relief, you might need a helping hand.

A prop if you like.

Some people swear by a milky drink, others a warm bath with scented oils in candlelight. But more often than not, it is the thought processes that keep us wide awake, going over the days’ events, wondering how they could have been different. Or worrying about that mounting pile of bills on the table, or even a bothersome work colleague perhaps?

There are lots of reasons why one might stay awake but also, many solutions. Some people just need something to target the mind directly and it can be as simple as asking for help. You may need a bit of reassurance that is IS okay to take time out for yourself, even if it’s a few minutes for a power nap – this can be a wonderful tonic for busy people.

It is prudent to be cautious when considering a sleep aid though, a drug of sorts. However there are some gentle and natural supplements* from the online store Forces of Nature and I emphasise natural as many of the potent (and addictive) prescription medicines can lead to even greater problems.

I would like to cover some aspects as to why you may have a restless mind and hopefully you will spot a golden nugget, an “aha” moment in the following text.

Helping you drift off peacefully to the Land of Nod.

*Recommended natural supplements can be found at the end of this report.

Worry capacity

Without meaning to be dramatic, we are continually bombarded by news filled to the brim with reports of crime, poverty, war – coupled with disturbing imagery that does nothing but portray a painful picture of the World.

If you were feeling relatively okay before reading the previous paragraph, I apologise, but I merely wish to draw your attention to the things that you can change in your life and not the things that you can’t.

It is very easy to become absorbed by the reports blaring out from the TV screen, but if you already have enough worries on your mind, I would urge you to please look away. By all means if you can, donate a token per month to a worthy cause, but focus on more positive news instead.

On a closer level, problems of others, dear friends and family can affect us more deeply than we realise. A warm and caring cousin of mine is forever being dragged off to cafes, to become the sounding board for a plethora of friends wishing to air their troubles.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you find yourself wearing a counsellor’s hat for your close ones?

Don’t forget to protect yourself. For all your careful listening and advice giving, these folk will usually do want they want regardless of your suggestions.

Your emotional wellbeing is paramount to your health and if you spend your energy focusing on other people’s problems that are beyond your control, you may be draining yourself of vital energy that you need to deal with the issues that ARE in your control.

Leaving your mind in a whirling muddle with sleepless nights awaiting you at the end of the day. Please do empathise with those in need, but keep it in perspective and try to use your worry capacity to tend to matters that you do have the capability to change.

Take control of your thoughts

Do you recall a moment in your childhood when you felt completely out of control?

I do.

When I went sledding with my brother we went hurtling down a slope with no way of stopping. That rush of adrenaline, the manic laughter that came when we did come to a halt was unforgettable!

As we age though, we tend to exercise more caution, looking before we leap and respecting our bodies more and more (instead of throwing them down hills for instance!) We were fearless back then, but I wouldn’t dream of doing anything half as risky with my body now!

The realisation gradually dawns on us that our bodies are precious commodities and if injured can put us out of action for a spell. With a family to feed this can be devastating… Well you know how it is.

But we have the same control over our thoughts too!

Before you baulk at this statement try this exercise first:

The next time you feel yourself helplessly reacting in the same way to a recurrent situation (it might be something as simple as asking your child to put his shoes away – something you do time and time again) just apply the brakes and stop reacting.

You can choose to become negative, or choose to become positive!

Learning to control your thoughts is a powerful step in the mastery of insomnia.

The Easy Chair

The Easy Chair is a name coined way back in the 1700s to describe a comfy place to rest.

Taking time out might seem a little daunting at first, but I’m talking about tiny nuggets of rest, that you can sprinkle throughout your day.

1. Look at breaking up certain tasks throughout the day with a time out, it need only be five minutes sitting in an Easy Chair but sit there and do absolutely nothing. Take note of how you are feeling; are there any aches or pains in your body? Any tension? If so, ask your partner when your home is quiet at night to rub the stress away.

2. Say to yourself “Force Yourself” and leave the house for a walk around the block. My aunt used to say “Never let the weather affect what you want to do” so, even if it’s raining, get kitted out in a rain mac and off you go! Jump in a few puddles too!

3. Power nap! Just take a 15 minute one though, any longer and you might feel a bit groggy!

The World will wait for you if you take a pause for a few minutes – sometimes we all need to stop and give ourselves time to breathe deeply and carry on with renewed vigour – which in turn helps us switch off at the end of the day.

Just as you are

Generally, we take people as we find them. However, if we are going through a bit of a tough time, we can be quite hard on ourselves. Negative thoughts can start off as tiny dark clouds and gather quickly to create a gloomy outlook which can hinder sleep for days on end.

That’s when tend to be the harshest critic and the sharpest judge when it comes to looking at who we are.

Then we start to compare ourselves to others who we think are better people than us.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s granted that there are usually small areas of change that we could all use – eat a little healthier, take more exercise maybe?

But it is far better to look at yourself with a kinder eye, as you would others and accept yourself “warts and all”.

Take heed of the friends who love you as you are. You respect their judgement don’t you? They’re probably spot on.

Ask for help

It is rather easy to keep going and getting run down, rather than do the obvious thing and ask for some help!

What is it that prevents us from asking when we really need a hand?

I think that the real reason is that we all have a lot going on, a boatload of tasks, chores, work in many guises, which the people we might like to ask already have enough on their shoulders without us adding to it.

However negativity can creep in when we need help most desperately and we don’t always make the best decisions.

However there is a nice little trick that you can use to help you get past your hesitance in asking.

Try a bit of role reversal: imagine yourself to be the person you would ask for help, rather than the other way around. Wouldn’t you be pleased to assist?

Wouldn’t you actually be a bit annoyed if your help was needed but not asked for?

Ask for help, don’t be shy – and ease your burden even if by just a little.

Are you giving yourself enough treats?

When I was little, my parents would insist that I share any candies or treats with my siblings or a friend.

This was to instil good manners and is not a bad practice really. I remember eyeballing the stash and trying to figure out “Rainman” style how many goodies there were, so I didn’t end up one short once the “one for you, one for me” process was complete.

You are probably already doing more of your fair share of sharing day to day and wonder when the “one for me” is going to happen.

It is very easy to be kept busy all the time, helping others and supporting them in their endeavours, but how about giving a little time to yourself?

Treat yourself with a gift of space: time to read a book or even a meander around the shops. Come home with some treats. By all means share them with your family, but don’t forget to give yourself the lion’s share!

Treating yourself as well as you treat others has such a positive effect on the mind and aids restful sleep too.

Caterpillar or Butterfly?

Aren’t caterpillars miracles of nature? Have you ever wondered if the little insect knows that it’s going to turn into a beautiful, feather light creature floating from flower to flower?

But does the caterpillar know that it is going to turn from a cute little wriggly creature into something completely different?

Possibly not.

The lesson here is to take each day as it comes as life is very transient. Nothing stays the same forever, whether we want it to or not. Try to find contentment in munching lettuce leaves as the time for drinking nectar is just around the corner!

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Insomnia is a state that must be addressedto maintain vital health and wellbeing, mood and mental performance.

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