Full Body Home Workout (Using A Chair)

In the above video, Reggie Lamptey shows us that a complete full body home workout is possible if you have nothing at hand but a chair! There are some challenging options but please note the variations if you are just starting out.

  • Squats:

Turn the chair sideways.

Sit down, making sure your legs are at a 90 degree angle.

Stand up, then sit back down again, as soon as your bottom touches the chair, stand up again.


For extra resistance, you can hold the chair in front of your body, then squat as before, making sure that your knees do not pass your toes.

  • Push ups:

Use the chair to work your chest.

With your feet on the chair, place your hands on the floor just outside of your shoulders.

Lower down gently then push up again.


This exercise is best done with your feet and knees on the floor if you are just starting out. Progress to lifting your knees off the floor before attempting to place your feet on the chair.

  • Split Squat:

Again this is quite an intense version, so you may want to start out without the chair at first.

Place your back foot on the chair.

Lower yourself straight down then lift back up.

Work both legs evenly.

  • Biceps Curls:

You can use the chair to do biceps curls, simply hold it in front and with your elbows close to your sides, lift and lower the chair. Do not use momentum by swinging your body to help you to lift, only use your biceps.


Instead of the chair you can use dumbbells, or if you are just starting out, try holding a tin of beans or bottles of water in each hand.

  • Lunges:

This is an advanced version but if you are starting out, simply keep both feet on the floor and hold the back of the chair for balance.

Face the chair and place one foot on it.

Lower your back knee, ensuring that your front knee does not pass your toes.

Repeat for a number of times then switch legs or alternate them after each lunge.

  • Triceps Dips:

Sit on the chair then shuffle forwards until your bottom is over the floor, your weight supported by your hands.

Keeping your elbows by your sides, lower your bottom towards the floor.

Easy option: keep your feet close to your body and as you gain strength, gradually extend them further away with each subsequent session.

  • Deadlifts for your Back:

Holding the chair, keep your knees soft and bend at a 30 degree angle from your hips.

Draw the chair up towards your body, focusing on squeezing your shoulder blades together.

Switch the chair around halfway to ensure that you are getting an even workout.

If you are feeling brave, you can hold the chair in one hand and perform single arm rows, holding or leaning on something for support.

  • Shoulders:

Holding the chair with straight arms, lift the chair to chin height and lower the chair back to the starting position.


Kneel down on a mat and hold the chair above your head, lift and lower.

You can keep the chair above your head or bring it down in front of you.

  • Abdominals:

Place your feet up on the chair and perform crunches. Keep your chin away from your chest and aim to lift your shoulder blades off the ground.

These exercises demonstrate how easy it is to get a good full body home workout using nothing but a chair!

Post Author: Max

Massimo (Max) Vencato holds a doctorate (PhD) in Sports and Exercise Psychology and a Degree in Sports Sciences (first class with honours). He works today as a cardiac rehabilitation trainer, personal trainer (specialising in weight loss) and lecturer in Sports and Exercise Psychology at Brunel University London.

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