Everlast Pink Boxing Gloves – Pink Boxing Gloves for Women

Everlast pink boxing gloves – a solid brand for a dynamic sport. They look gorgeous and so will you but the first thing you need to consider properly is choosing your glove size as ideally the gloves need to have a snug fit. You are most likely going to injure yourself if there is too much room inside the glove.

When choosing glove size:

Remember that your gloves will stretch with use – like a pair of shoes they will eventually mold to the shape of your hand, so do not worry if the gloves feel slightly tight to begin with, they will give over time.

If you type of sport you choose involves contact such as grabbing an opponent, you need a lighter, flexible glove to enable the use of your hands.

If you choose cardio kickboxing then hitting heavy bags and punching mitts means that your hands will take a lot of impact – thus a more padded glove would be preferable.

Ensure there is room for hand wraps, these are essential for protecting your tendons and bones.

So, for a predominantly male sport ladies can bring a touch of femininity with these Pink Everlast Boxing Gloves. The brand Everlast goes hand in glove with boxing and it has done for almost a century. A traditional past and a knockout future – so the company proudly professes.

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How to wrap your hands:

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