Dr Mercola’s Pro Optimal Whey Protein Review: How It Compares To Other Whey Formulas

Dr Mercola promotes a whole line of Whey protein shakes, of which I have tried two, Miracle Whey and Pro Optimal Whey.  The latter is a general multipurpose protein powder that contains vitamins and minerals, plus enzymes to help digestion such as amylase and protease.

We all know by now that it is widely advised that we should be buying whey protein concentrate, from the hormone free, raw milk of grass fed cows.  With Pro Optimal Whey, there are added extras:

According to the website, the processing is unique and maintains the beneficial components of raw milk.  This results in “Proserum Whey” which by its nature is non-denatured.

pro optimal wheyI bought a pack of three flavours: Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate, the strawberry was the best but the vanilla had a nice taste too.  I wasn’t keen on the chocolate but I don’t usually buy chocolate anyway as I don’t really like it (unless it’s a bar of that Green & Black’s…)  I bought the three pack to test out the flavours from Evolution Organics and with shipping it came to £87.39.

Each tub yields 540g.

It was easy to digest and I had a lot of energy with it; there is no doubt that it is a superior product.  I didn’t feel bloated and it kept me going through a couple of classes with no problem.  Well Wisdom are the creators of it and are a very reputable company.

Another stockist in the UK is Red23, at £29.99 per tub.

Alternatives to Pro Optimal Whey in the UK:

If you look on Defence Nutrition’s website (Ori Hofmekler’s company) you will see that under Private Label/Wholesale, that Defence Nutrition makes whey protein products for Dr Mercola.  Now if you have tried Dr Mercola’s Miracle Whey, you will know that it has all the benefits of a beneficial grass fed whey protein, but with added immune boosting properties.   (It tastes delicious too).  The website also states the metal levels in the product which is very low.   If you read the label on Defence Nutrition’s Warrior Whey and Dr Mercola’s Miracle Whey, you will find that they are almost identical.

As Miracle Whey and Warrior Whey are both rather expensive if you live in the UK, I have discovered that Pink Sun rebranded the Warrior Whey and it can be found on Amazon.co.uk.

Please note that all prices are correct at the time of writing and may change at any time.

Although this has nothing to do with Pro Optimal Whey, I thought I would post the results of some digging as unfortunately the expense of these products is what usually leads to the return to cheaper, less beneficial alternatives.  As I live in the UK, I have been using the Swanson Ultra Whey Protein as it costs £19.99 per 420g tub; buy three and you get free shipping at Health Monthly (UK).  This works out about 20% cheaper than three tubs of Pro Optimal at Evolution Organics and it works for me.

For more information on Pro Optimal Whey, see below reviews from Amazon:

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Massimo (Max) Vencato holds a doctorate (PhD) in Sports and Exercise Psychology and a Degree in Sports Sciences (first class with honours). He works today as a cardiac rehabilitation trainer, personal trainer (specialising in weight loss) and lecturer in Sports and Exercise Psychology at Brunel University London.

3 thoughts on “Dr Mercola’s Pro Optimal Whey Protein Review: How It Compares To Other Whey Formulas


    (October 10, 2012 - 8:29 pm)

    Thanks for this really useful information-have been finding it hard to find a protein powder that’s good quality without artificial sweeteners. I’d rather real sugar than this evil artificial ingredients!


    (October 28, 2011 - 6:50 am)

    I am into reviewing protein supplements. I must agree that the Pro Optimal Whey Protein Review is really good. Also, it tastes great despite what other says. I often add bananas and apple to the smoothie.


    (September 22, 2011 - 8:49 pm)

    Good review on the pro optimal whey. I use this daily and enjoy the taste. Although it can be not so nice to mix with water, if done with skim milk and a banana I find that the consistency is good and it keeps me full until lunch.

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