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This page carries links to free journal articles on weight-loss subjects. In some instances, the institutions where the research has been carried out have released the articles in full (normally they are available through paid subscription to the publishing journal). Some authors have made articles available through their personal websites also. We update this page so check it for new content periodically. Most of the articles here appear in our 2012 product New Advances In Weight Control.

1) Therapeutic Prospects of Metabolically Active Brown Adipose Tissue in Humans (2011). This article deals with the isue of white and brown fat in humans.

2) Cafeteria Diet Is a Robust Model of Human Metabolic Syndrome With Liver and Adipose Inflammation: Comparison to High-Fat Diet (2011). This article focuses on the effects of highly palatable foods on human metabolism.

3) Relationship between Funding Source and Conclusion among Nutrition-Related Scientific Articles (2007). Article showing that the results of papers funded by supplement manufacturers may be biased.

4) A satiety index of common foods (1995). This article deals with the development of a scoring system based on how much certain foods make us feel “full”.

5) Acute Affective Response to a Moderate-intensity Exercise Stimulus Predicts Physical Activity Participation 6 and 12 Months Later (2008). This paper covers the way that our mood response during exercise influences our decision to exercise in the future.

6) The exercise intensity-affect relationship: Evidence and implications for exercise behaviour (2010). This article discusses the importance of positive feeling states in adhering to exercise long term and how the intensity of exercise influences these feeling states.

7) Music in the exercise domain: A review and synthesis (2012). This piece- co-authored by Motivating Max contributor David Priest – covers the effects of music in exercise.

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